Reaching HSLU Campus in Horw

By car

To reach the campus you may use the freeway to “Luzern-Horw” and the follow the signes towards “Hochschule Luzern – Technik &  Architektur”.

If you use GPS use the following address:

Technikumstrasse 21
6048 Horw

Using Public Transport

If you’re staying at Hotel Ambassador or Hotel De La Paix you need first to go to the main station you can do this by taking the buses 1, 19, 22 and 23 heading to the train station. You need to buy a ticket (best idea is a day pass) at the bus station. For further information which ticket you need to buy keep reading.

Travelling to our campus might be a little bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right ticket. The explanation is actually quite easy. You can reach by using two means of transport: train and bus.
The bus stops next to the campus (but also further away from the city) for this reason the normal city ticket (zone 101) isn’t enough. You need to buy an additional zone: 201.
But the train still stops in city zone from where you need to walk 5 minutes towards HSLU.

Because of this you need to decide if you’d like to use only the train to reach HSLU or also the bus. In the following table you’ll find any information required information to buy a ticket. If you want to travel easily and freely you probably should choose the day-pass allowing you to take the bus to Horw.

Travelling only by train to Horw Travelling by any public transport vehicle
Price one-way ticket CHF 3 CHF 4.20
Price Day-Pass ticket
(allowing you to use the public transportation all day)
CHF 6 CHF CHF 8.40
What you need to buy
(may be entered at any ticket machine)
A ticket to “Horw” A ticket to “Technikumstrasse in Horw”
Zones you get 101 101 & 201

Travelling by train from Lucerne to Horw

At the Lucerne train station you may take the following trains (departing every hour, you travel about 6 minutes):

  •  :08 from platform 13
  • :11 from platform 11
  • :38 from platform 13
  • :41 from platform 14

When leaving the train in Horw you need to exit to the right in direction of the train you exited. Then walk in the same direction the train drove of. You’ll see some red buildings within 5-minutes walking range. This is our campus.

Travelling by bus from Lucerne to Horw

At the train station in Lucerne take the bus number 20 heading towards “Horw, Technikumstrasse”. The number 20 heading in this direction only departs every hour at :00 and :30. Exit the bus at “Horw, Technikumstrasse” and you’ll be at our campus.

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